Surviving Christmas

Posted on: 8th December 2018

For many people, Christmas can be a difficult time. Often there are memories of a loved one who has died. For others there is the dread of having to conform and be with people who you really can’t stand. For some people with large families it’s simply having too much to do before the big day arrives. Christmas can also intensify feelings of loneliness and isolation especially if you live on your own. So how can you cope?

One way is to have a plan, to make the holiday work better for you. Another is to perhaps have that conversation with someone about what you want to do, rather than pleasing everyone else. Try to be realistic and set boundaries. Don’t be a perfectionist and set yourself up for failure. No one is going to judge you if your sprouts are undercooked! Be flexible and be prepared to say “no”. Most of all practice great self-care by ensuring you get enough sleep, exercise and fresh air and try to fit in some relaxation- a warm lavender bath, a drink with friends or a surprise visit to an elderly neighbour.

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