Being the best you can

As a New Year approaches thoughts turn to New Year resolutions. What will yours be?

Like so many people I want to be the best I can, however what does that mean and how do you achieve it? Can I suggest 5 things……..

Firstly Gratitude. In life we always seem to be striving for more. Be it to pay the mortgage off, get that piece of jewellery or the new iPhone, earn more money or get that special job. Sometimes however it’s good to just sit back and look at what we have, rather than what we don’t have. A glass half full mind as opposed to a glass half empty mind.  Deepak Chopra has created a wonderful 6 minute meditation on gratitude.

Then kindness. Not always easy when you have been waiting in a phone queue to sort out a banking problem or your gas bill. I remember being very surprised when a young man picked up my overnight case, without asking, and then carried down a flight of stairs, at some obscure London railway station, whilst I’d been fiddling at the top, with my handbag and briefcase. A random act of kindness like that can make someone’s day.

Work on your negative traits. What is it you do to rub people up the wrong way? Interrupt conversations? Be overtly critical? Gossip or be arrogant?

Finally aim for excellence in all you do – be it in your relationships, your work or your hobby or simply looking after yourself both physically and mentally. Always aim for the best and be ready to learn new skills and knowledge to enhance your life and the lives of those around you. I believe these 5 simple things can lead to a happier existence. May the New Year be a happy and successful one for you and those you love.